The spirit of Ovations Dining Services is simple... a sincere dedication to support our clients. We take an interest in our customers that goes far beyond the business level and beyond expertise. It's much more. Our goal is to serve as a transparent partner; to become an integral part of our clients' communities and cultures.

Every client—be it a university, elementary school, corporation, or retreat center—has its own needs. From the start, we take the time to actively study each client's particular requirements and preferences so that we can create appropriate effective solutions. We take time to ask questions. We listen.

One of our attributes most frequently mentioned by our customers is the friendliness of our people. Ovation's people are hard working, dedicated employees who enjoy providing the best service possible for their customers. Our people bring the “added value” of quality and service excellence to each meal served and each event catered.

Who We Serve
• Colleges and Universities
• Churches and Retreat Centers
• Public and Private School Systems
• Corporations
• Conference Centers

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