Ovations Dining Services Team Approach To School Lunch Service
The Ovations team has successfully managed a School Foods Program since July 1998. Ovation's employees have been involved with the School Foods Program Segment since 1991. This group represents a staff of food service experts who are ready to provide valuable resources through expertise and technology—all to help make your School Foods Program run more effectively.

Marketing and Merchandising
A successful merchandising and marketing program can not only add fun to the overall dining experience, but it can also lay the groundwork for enhanced participation and satisfied students. To assist our schools in maximizing their merchandising activity, Ovations Dining Services has developed a comprehensive, unified program that emphasizes a strategic marketing approach to retail merchandising.

Plan to Increase Participation
Dedication to food quality. Homemade, tasty, hot lunches will be prepared fresh daily.
Outstanding customer satisfaction.
• Continued quality breakfast programs that reach needy children.
Taking an active role in the school population in order to respond to the individual preferences of our customers.

Nutritional Education
Our emphasis on Nutrition Awareness and Nutrition Education is key to our organization. We work closely with food manufacturers and distributors to analyze the nutrient content of our menus. As members of USDA Team Nutrition, Ovations offers exciting options for good nutrition. Furthermore, Gordon Food Service, our primary supplier, is committed to the National School Lunch Program, and is a complete resource for dietary information.

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